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Authentic You!

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One thing for sure is that I'm going to be extremely passionate about you.

please remember that you are fully responsible for your life.


Oracle, Shaman, Spiritual Guide based in NYC

If you are looking for a "no BS" type of guidance, you are at the right place. As an Oracle gifted since birth, from the moment I knew I had unique abilities to see beyond what is shown, it has always been in my heart to assist others. Aside from my innate ability to connect with people heart-to-heart, I integrate my institutional background in Psychology as well as Metaphysical science into approaching clients professionally. As a shaman who casts true medicine for the soul, I see value in transmuting your pain into power. I do not divide life as good or bad. All moments matter and we must continue to live and learn. I am here to share the bare truth rather than to comfort you with false hope. Though I have been giving readings all my life, professional coaching began in 2014, providing earnest divinatory sessions as well as healing for the soul and heart. My objective is to guide you back home to yourself, not to merely answer your single dimensional questions on the surface level.

I value long term results and solutions, so if instant gratification is what you seek, you will not like me. I would rather show you how to catch the fish rather than to catch the fish for you. I combine ancient wisdom with my unparalleled spiritual gifts to help you navigate through the complexities of life while practicing discernment. Does your heart feel drawn to me? 

This is your

safe zone

What brought you here?


It is absolutely not a coincidence if you somehow feel drawn to me. You may not even know why...and perhaps you are simply intrigued by "the vibe" that speaks to your heart. One thing for sure is that you are here now visiting my page. Was it merely your curiosity? or was this meant to be---your spirit led you here? The"why" is probably not as relevant as "what now?" You are one step closer to a Moment with Viki, though, whether or not to take the next step forward is up to you. 

In a moment with me, you will meet your authentic self where your bear soul will be seen, understood and charged. It is simply an invitation; a door for you to open to see more of yourself in ways that you have not considered. This is your space to learn more about the choices you are presently making on your journey as well as what you could do differently, what you could become or obtain, and more importantly, where you are truly hurting---without any judgment. 

Whether you are "spiritual" or not is not really too important because everyone has their own approach to spirituality--- which is a very personal journey by the way. I am interested to know if you are self-aware, or at least you want to be, AND care to be. As long as you have the mindset of wanting to explore more of yourself while being willing to be held accountable, then you are at the right place. 


Choosing the right coach on your journey is paramount. What is it that you are in need of? Clarity and answers, duh. To reach answers, you have to ask questions. Are you asking the right questions? Are you pursuing the right things? Are you making the right choices? Are you in the right environment? What even is "the right thing"? How could you do things differently to generate and reach different outcomes? How do you discern when something is no longer aligned with who you are becoming? 

 Whenever you are ready to dig deeper, I will be here with you.

I look forward to connecting with you...when you are ready.



"You are a blessing, especially during times of uncertainty. She has never been wrong- always spot on about people and emotions— even when it’s not what I was hoping to hear. You may not understand it all now but I always end up having an A-HA moment fast forward to the moments she’s predicted for me. Has been eerily accurate with past predictions and timelines."

"She was very kind and very caring. I believe she really cares about her clients, and despite not hearing what I wanted, She delivers difficult information in a very empathetic manner, and does not feed you fairy tales. I feel she has a lot of integrity as a reader and I’ve walked away with more clarity."

"Viki is in a league of her own! She was able to accurately tell me that I would be involved in an investment property, and that a certain person in my life would be helping me with that. She is correct on that. I'd planned to do it this year but was stressing on it - she told me it wouldn't happen until another year or so. Today I got a call from the person helping me asking if we can push it back until next year - once again, she is right."

A Sanctuary to remain
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