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return of the cosmic mother:
the mother goddess


"AS above, so below"

I am a Cosmic Shaman whose spiritual gifts directly hail from the Source. Different cultures may describe me differently (i.e- medicinewoman, shaman, heyoka etc) depending on their root understanding of my work. Having had many past lives as a medicine woman, practicing medicine in this current vessel emerges organically. I went through rigorous training throughout my whole life, to prepare myself to serve people, to become "the Example." My spiritual gifts, and the fact that I honorably walk my own talk, as someone who has successfully transmuted (and continues) all of the darkness that she endured into expanded consciousness ("Light"), has propelled my path of being a powerful healer. 


Inevitably, during my childhood I began to unveil the gift of reading people; but, I never took it seriously until my late teen years. A huge part of the reason was because I was constantly demonized for it on top of other traumas that I was battling. Initially, I was unaware of the power behind these gifts and what was all to come in the future. Slowly but surely, when my own spiritual awakening and journey began, is when I started to connect the dots. 


Naturally, you may be wondering: Is my gift hereditary? 

Yes and no. While shamanic blood runs in my biological family, being a "shaman" was always frowned upon by my own family because it is not a "well-respected career" in modern society although my maternal line was spiritually gifted. For a long time, I tried very hard to remain normal. Because my biological family denied my gifts, I naturally did, too, and I suffered from years of illnesses, crisis and blockages on my path. When I finally took off on my own and answered to my Higher calling, there was no going back. The full awakening and honing of my gifts was through my own choice, devotion, and commitment to my soul purpose. However, my gift isn't merely sourced from my ancestral lineage, but is directly connected to the cosmic realms which makes me a tad different from my biological family.

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"What's meant for you won't find you if you aren't being yourself."


I left my biological family when I was twelve years old to study abroad. Since then, I have traveled and lived at different places all around the world including Europe, Australia, and North America. Being exposed to many different cultures and walks of life, since a young age, has amplified my empathy and appreciation for different cultures and unique walks of life. 

Now you may be wondering: How did I start on the professional path of giving advice? 

During my late teen years, I started working on psychic hotlines as an advisor. Over the years, I gained a notable size of clientele and an honorable reputation. However, I could not deny feeling the extreme emotional dissatisfaction that came with merely "working as a psychic." I knew my purpose was much bigger than just giving readings and to answer single dimensional questions. I had always felt there was much more to "doing readings'' than just "reading" because life is not black-and-white like that. I knew my Spirit, my higher self, wanted to take more of an in-depth, authentic, and heart-felt approach. I have always known that I care greatly for the people and their healing journey. The Universe is boundless, and I knew that my gifts could help people shift their own reality. So, I felt compelled to build my own foundation where I could employ my own structure of conducting my services. 

At first, I was hesitant about working behind my real name. I wasn't sure how it would affect my reputation and my career in the "real world", as I was still in the media industry and had different career goals for myself. After my own spiritual awakening and transformation, I eventually came to a profound realization that I no longer wanted to hide who I was. It was time that I fully embraced, not only myself, but the army of spirit guides and ancestors who walk behind me. It was time that I celebrated my life purpose in raw wholeness. 

So, here I am, I proudly present to you, MOMENTWITHVIKI. I have been serving clients under my own business since 2014. Simultaneously, I was also building my career in the "real world," pursuing my dreams in the Media world, then even ended up in Finance/accounting. Nonetheless, I knew that eventually it would come a time where I would need to completely devote myself to my true purpose: healing. And that's where we are today. 

The mystical teachings say, you cannot transcend what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself. The honing of my gifts had a lot to do with me becoming aware of my own self first, constantly challenging and transforming myself to be a better version every day. I underwent a lot of trauma and tragedies that put me through a very dark period for a long time. After a long period of destruction, followed by soul searching and re-building, I finally connected the dots. I stopped looking outside for answers. Finally, when I initiated into the shift, I woke up to my deeper purpose and the purpose of my gifts. Things were never the same after that.


I am forever grateful for the darkness I experienced because now, I realize that I was simply under rigorous training to be deserving of serving YOU. 

The fuel to my practices not only merely originates from my heart and love for others but more importantly, my commitment to my own personal journey: devotion to my purpose and sacred gratitude for life itself. I am proudly able to say that I truly walk my talk, as I have successfully transmuted everything that came to destroy, haunt, and burn me. I thank God for allowing me to do this work once again. 

Thank you for reading. I look forward to connecting with you. 



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