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authentic space for
love, magic and healing

truthful guidance by

"the mother goddess" of the cosmos.

A Momentwithviki (aka "MWV") is an intimate space where you will be seen, heard and held in ways that you may never have experienced before. You may expect a heartfelt moment of rawness, truthful guidance, acceptance, accountability and compassion: a well-rounded combination of oracle insights, predictions, spiritual and intuitive counseling and pragmatic mindset coaching. Wherever you may be on your journey and whatever questions you have, I am here to help you understand matters that you cannot grasp alone. Are you ready to be challenged?

Utilizing my gifts as an oracle enhanced by the assistance from the cosmic world, I provide guidance and insights regarding areas of life where you seek clarity: love life, personal and romantic relationships, career, finance, general life choices etc. I am straightforward, concise and direct in my delivery and therefore, a moment with me may not be suited for those who are sensitive to intensity or have specific expectations around what they want to hear. Due to the nature of this work and my reverence for all individuals' personal journey, discernment is strongly practiced on my end across all of my private sessions. Divination sessions are led by Spirit and I do not include personal opinions or biases. The only times where my personal judgment may be applied are during coaching sessions where it is appropriately solicited. 


My highest priority is in delivering truthful guidance with the intent to empower you; guiding you to your highest good and your authentic self. Whatever messages and information that may come through, I make sure to make it make sense to you. Frequently in sessions, I bring up things that the client did not ask about on their own because it is a big part of their current journey that they need to be attentive to. This is why coming to a session with an open mind and heart is essential for the client because this means possibly opening up a discourse about something you did not necessarily expect. In essence, this is not single-dimensional fortune telling intended solely for entertainment purposes. A moment with me is not for those who only want to receive validation on their choices and feelings around them. I engender true medicine for your heart and soul; not a sweet candy only to soothe your feelings and feed your ego. In upholding the honorable title of a shaman representing one of the most powerful pantheons of ancient history, integrity and ethics are at the forefront of my work.


The genuine passion I hold in my heart for everyone's journey is undeniable and it carries over in my teachings and private moments with you. In order to create powerful results, you must fully show up for yourself and be responsible for your life where you take necessary action and face uncomfortable periods. I am here to encourage you to become the best version of yourself while fully honoring your free will.

In summary, here is what you can expect during a MomentwithViki(MWV):

1. Truthful and straightforward insights on your specific questions and life choices.

2. Guidance aimed for further self-discovery, self-empowerment and clarity on your journey.

3. Practical and concise strategies to create a change and results where it's necessary.

4. Detailed predictions based on the current timeline as well as possibilities of other probabilities that will unfold overtime.

5. Unprompted channeled messages (information you did not specifically ask for but is relevant for what you need to know.)

I have had the honor of conducting 9,000+ live sessions to different walks of life across all ages since my professional advising career began in early 2014. Clients rely on straightforward and accurate insights as well as reliable predictions that unfold over-time. I have been recognized for my ethical work and honorably mentioned on a few platforms, though I remain anonymous on these sites.


Please note that deceitful or disrespectful demeanor will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to terminate our session if you are not being cooperative to the terms. Please do not book if you have recently been receiving a lot of readings from a lot of different readers or you feel as though you are dealing with a psychic addiction. I refuse to partake in enabling your unhealthy coping mechanism of frequently seeking psychic readings for instant gratification. In addition, I ask that you remain open to being challenged in a 1:1 with me. Once again, If you feel uneasy about booking or feel that you are not ready to hear the truth, please do not book. 


Only seek a session with me if you're truly ready for the truth, and not a temporary high. If you are ready to dive deep, you are at the right place. 

This is not just a "reading." This is an investment that will impact you for a lifetime, leading you towards a progressive direction.


All readings and sessions are confidential and therefore, recording during session is prohibited. I do not accept clients under the age of 20. ​By purchasing a session you are agreeing that you are paying for my time, energy and craft. You understand and agree that all and any information and guidance provided during our private session does not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, or business advice. You claim full responsibility for the choices and/or actions taken based on the content of your reading.

divination / guidance / healing
- For any questions or inquiries, please send me an email.

<MOMENTWITHVIKI (Divination+Guidance)> 

Please read above to see what this entails. There is no limit to topics or # of questions.
Appointment time and date will be set within 8-14 days, depending on availability on a first come, first served basis.
Currently, the average wait time for a Virtual MWV is about 3 weeks.
  • 45 min SKYPE or ZOOM -  $325  ($50 for extra 10 minute add on)
  • 60 min SKYPE or ZOOM-   $365 
  • 60 min IN-PERSON (NYC)  -$450 
Please scroll down for the instructions on how to proceed with requesting a session, which includes completing your payment. Please do not book out of a sense of urgency especially if you are unable to extend any regard for my time and craft. 
  • Express MOMENTWITHVIKI (Skype/Zoom) 45 minutes - $400 / 60 minutes -$450 (you will secure a session within 24 hours after your payment.
  • Please EMAIL ME with the title "EXPRESS REQUEST" in the subject.
  • 30 mins progress check & update -$200  (this rate is only available for clients within 60 days after their last MWV)

<LOVE/RELATIONSHIP READING VIA LIVE CALL/CHAT (Skype Audio for international clients)>

*This is NOT a coaching session. This is a clear-cut reading where you may ask me questions on what you want to know regarding 1 specific situation/person. I will be able to provide objective information on your relationship/situation/person not influenced by your subjective feelings or/and what you want to hear. Do not ask a general question here (ex: "what do you see in my love life") and do not provide background information. Also, do not start your question with a "when." Read below for info on how to request this reading. 
  • 15 minutes- $120   (ADD ON 10 mins WHILE ON THE PHONE)  - $50
  • 20 minutes- $180
  • 30 minutes - $220
*10 minutes (ONLY for clients who have purchased 15/20/30 minute session within 5 days since their call, on the SAME person/topic): $60
Once payment is complete, please send me an email with a screenshot. Do NOT include your questions nor background information about your situation in the email. I will be in touch with you within 1-2 days to confirm your payment and to schedule a time for our call, which would be often available within few days. You will also receive instructions in that email.


A -3 minute video - $77.77 

        B- 10 minute tiktok video - $150

-Provide me with your name and DOB as well as your POI's and you may ask one specific question. I will provide cut-throat, straight-to-the-point insights on your current dynamic focusing on the present energy.

-Delivered within 72 hours (counting from after payment has been complete.)

*For option B, you may ask one additional question* 


Please note that I am an oracle and I do not require tools to read people and situations. Though I will be using Tarot for this service for content purposes, the information will not be limited to what the tool shows. Absolutely do not provide any context. Your POI's will remain anonymous in the video to protect privacy. I do not answer questions concerning 3rd parties for this reading. 

*Don't have tiktok? You may request an unlisted youtube video. 

 <MY DEAR INNER CHILD (Trance-channeling, guidance & healing)>

  45-50mins - $270 (virtual) / $350 (in-person)
- Connect with your own unconscious and subconscious mind to face your own deepest aspect, while Viki serves as the conduit/medium for the communication with your inner child.
- Effective for those who seek to better understand their shadows and connect with their inner child.
- Effective for goal setting, understanding one's trauma, breaking self sabotaging habits, and promoting self-love. 
- Must inquire first and be approved for eligibility. 
- Prospective clients are encouraged to start with original MWV.


Starting at $250

- This service is now available to all clients without the prerequisite requirement of receiving a MWV. 
- Consistent support for your personal journey prioritizing spiritual growth, mental and emotional wellness while reinforcing accountability, self-awareness whereby I share pragmatic tools and advice that will aid your day-to-day challenges and ordeals.
- The prospective client still needs to email first before booking to inquire about their eligibility. This is to establish the client-coach relationship to confirm the mutual understanding of boundaries and policy.
-Monthly 45-50 minute coaching session at reduced rates, committing to 3-6 months with the option to continue once commitment period has been complete.
-Longterm coaching clients are eligible to arrange emergency support calls at a reduced rate in-between our arranged sessions for 10,20 or 30 minutes.
 - You receive a personalized video (around 15 minutes) via an unlisted youtube link. 
- The video will include your general overview & theme of the month as well as advice you could apply.
- You may ask one specific advice-based question to be included (NO YES/NO) in the reading. The answer will only pertain to the specific month.
- Please email to make your request first before purchasing.
MONTHLY BRIEF ORACLE MESSAGE  (Community member discount)
This service is not an "in-depth reading." It is a brief personalized guidance message relevant to what you need to keep in mind for the month. You must be an active member in the community.
Join via here:
  • This healing ritual will reset your system where it can help you connect with your own energetic blueprint of your spirit. It is especially effective for implementing clarity into your consciousness after a MomentwithViki. 
  • The performance will vary depending on the client's needs which will be assessed at the beginning of the session.  The general summary of what one can expect is as follows: energy alignment, cleansing, negative energy banishing, chakra activation and soul activation. It can help alleviate energetic blockages and even physical pain.
  • $325/hr
  • $250 when combined with in-person MWV.
*I visit your home (NYC metropolitan area/ must be commutable via MTA/20 mins max from Manhattan)
* If you are located past 20 mins commute point, there will be an additional travel fee up to $100 for cab rides.
* I DO travel to Long Island or New Jersey, and the client will cover all travel fees
with an additional $150 for travel time.
*If you are traveling from elsewhere, the client must accomodate a hotel.


Total of 2 hours: $650

*non refundable deposit $300



-  VIRTUAL(SKYPE/ZOOM): 1HR + 30-40 minutes- $500 

-  IN-PERSON: 1HR +45 minutes - $650 

*non refundable deposit $300




= IN-PERSON: 2.5 HR= USD $899

 *non refundable deposit- $350

Step 1:
For ALL  IN-PERSON Booking, please send the NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $100 (unless instructed otherwise) and pay the rest of your dues in cash. Please also send a copy of your ID in your email when completing step 2.
FOR SKYPE OR ZOOM booking, please send full amount.
VENMO: @VIKI-HAN  (please send via family & friends option)
PAYPAL:  (*please send via family & friends option*)
                                                 Step 2:
Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply. [I usually answer within 12-24 hours]
* Same-day appointments are not available unless you purchase the express session. Absolutely do not include your questions or context of your situation in the email. 
Once your booking is set, all appointment details are final. Full refunds are available only within 7 days after purchasing of the session. In emergency cases where you need to reschedule, there must be a notice at least 72 hours prior to your appointment time. For in-person, you will need to make another transaction of deposit to request a reschedule. For virtual sessions, you will be pushed to the back of the line. There will absolutely be no refunds for last minute cancellations or no shows. If you miss your in-person appointment, you will have to schedule another time with another transaction of deposit and full dues. For in-person, there will be an additional $50 charge to every 10 minutes you are late or, the minutes will be deducted from your scheduled time. Please note that all timezones are based on EST (I'm in NY) and it is the client's responsibility to note this information. I reserve the right to decline the request for a service to anyone at my discretion. All sessions are confidential and recording is absolutely not permitted.


“ Viki has been right with predictions, feelings, thoughts, intentions of somebody. Sadly that meant she was right about the situation not being what I would want it to be. I appreciate her warning me and counseling me. Thank you.”

“ i have received invaluable guidance from this amazing woman over the past year. What can we say? Life can be difficult, confusing, painful and there's no magic wand. the best we can hope for is wise guidance, ethical counseling and true seeing even if time difficult to hear. I trust Viki Han completely. She doesn't play games, she doesn't tell you stuff just to make you feel better, She can lead and advise you through life's puzzling ways. Yes, her sight into the unseen realms is phenomenal, but she is way more than a "psychic' she's a wisdom bearer. I am forever grateful for her wise guidance, clear insights and compassionate heart.

"Viki has an incredible gift. She sees clearly. She speaks clearly. She speaks honestly - FOR YOU. Please remember this. Once she connects, the information she will provide is FOR YOU to make the best decisions for your life, heart and well being. We are our choices. If we chose to connect with Viki, we're choosing to know the truth so we can chose better for our lives. Thank you Viki!

"Viki was wonderful to be with. She delivered some difficult news with so much grace and truth...while my stomach was in knots, I knew that she was holding space for a message that was really important for me to hear. Thank you Viki, so very much. I'm really grateful for your kindness. It means a great deal to me :)"

“I’m in awe. Everything she has said would happen has, no joke. And most of it at an earlier time than predicted. She’s kind, accurate and most of all she has empowered me to take control of my life.”

“My reading with Viki helped me greatly and was such an amazingly positive experience; it was not the reading I had necessarily hoped for or expected (because the truth can hurt and the reading was like a mirror being reflected at me and my past choices) but it was the reading I NEEDED. It has acted as a catalyst for much-needed change.”

“Viki is so accurate with her visions, she told me so many things that made sense and then a few that didn't which turned out to come true about 3 months later. I was mind blown by the way things played out exactly how she said they would. Aside from her accuracy Viki had a beautiful and friendly spirit.”

“My readings with Viki have been deeply healing. Deep questions and confusion that I have carried in my heart for years where illuminated by her understanding, intuition and wisdom. With her guidance and insight, I was able to understand what happened and is happening and this brought about a sense of peace and acceptance which feels like what I’ve always wanted. she’s a true spiritual guide.”

“My 1st time seeing Viki was May of 2017. 1st time, because it wasn't my last. I left our appointment with a sense of clarity and assertion. I knew that I knew that I was on the right path. It's something you can't explain unless experienced. My life at the time was confusing (to say the least) and she was STILL able to see through it. Her predictions are insanely on point. I have seen tarot card readers before and while some are more skilled than others, none really PREDICT, the way viki has for me. She is truly gifted. After our reading, we proceeded with the massage. I left our appointment feeling "lifted". It was as if I was walking on clouds. I felt a weight lifted. With a lighter body and clearer mind, I went on to watch viki's predictions unfold.”

”After finding a lump in my breast a year earlier, It was time for one of my many check ups in that process. I go in for the  mammogram/ ultrasound. During the test, I see the monitor showing was looks like masses. Disappointed that they were still there, I was still happy that they weren’t malignant. Later that day I was having a conversation with Viki about my stressful day. Out of the blue, Viki says, you’re fine,  nothing is there. I respond, no Viki, I saw it. To which she responds, well I don’t see anything. I brushed her off, thinking she definitely didn’t know what she was talking about. Fast forward to a couple weeks later when I get my results. It read, the mass has either dissolved or returned to normal size! i was so shocked!!! But boy was Viki RIGHT!!”

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