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I think it’s OK to live in the probability .. The probability of the future, you know. That it will all get better. That this will eventually make sense? And perhaps one day it will just all click And it will all come to our understanding As to why it had to happen that way. We make a wish, we manifest..but then we also lose out. The thing looks like it may work out in our favor, but then bam, it vanishes. Perhaps, we are the ones that sabotaged it. And perhaps, that was all part of what was supposed to happen? So what was the point of manifesting that, then? Was that truly a manifestation or an illusion? Was it merely a tease? Or a test? Just here to teach us something? I mean, What difference does it make anyway. Either way, it is something that occurred and transpired. It sucks we don’t have a say in what we get to experience and what we don’t, in order to grow. Growth takes a lot of triggers... and we don’t get to decide when we are ready for these triggers to be pulled. Same lessons repeat over and over, and for some reason, every time, it hurts in a different way. I like to believe that everything happens for a reason, tho. And there’s never a guarantee to anything.Everything that is outside of us is out of our control. Letting people into our heart... Putting our trust into things, people, and situations... It’s a gamble that we play That we don’t always win at. When you live with an open heart, vulnerability is inevitable. It’s that same vulnerability that brings you magic in your heart, too, tho. To feel is to be human; to be human is to feel.It’s important to honor our feelings. It’s OK to feel. It’s OK to not know all the why’s and what’s next. None of us really do. Not even a psychic. Not even a millionaire. Not even... whoever you think has a perfect life going on. Perfection is an illusion. Freeing ourselves is important. From anger. From shame. From guilt. More patience. More forgiveness. More love. On the days where I feel a bit dazed and sad. On the days when my hope is running a little low and patience is running thin. I will let my faith guide me. Embodiment of Christ consciousness. Heart-centered living continues.... - Viki Han



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trust that all is happening the way it is supposed to.

Keep in mind that what/who you surround yourself with today influences the future you are building. Eliminate everything that keeps you confused or unsure. Your intuition always knows what’s up. Situa


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