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living intentionally

Just because you know how to endure pain very well, doesn’t mean you have to. Not everything that is around you is for you to experience. There really is no such thing as being stuck, we really have the choice of options in every scenario- although none of them might be the “easy way out.” People feel stuck when they don’t wanna make a decision and they hold off because they don’t wanna deal with the emotional consequences that might follow. We often look for the “easy” solution, not realizing that the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do most of the time. There is power in taking our control back. When you experience something you don’t like, always remember that you have the choice to walk away. Recognizing your own pattern and being able to say “I no longer allow this,” instead of “I’m used to this.” That is the beginning of you creating the life you want. Make a choice every day of what you allow & what you will terminate. We must make decisions based on who we are TODAY, not what we’re USED to dealing with.... And remember nothing is worth it if it costs your inner peace. Things, situations, people that make you doubt your worth, that question your good intentions, that incite anxiety, that trigger your wounds.....Those are the things that you need to walk away from. Stop entertaining old patters that keep coming back to test you. Your new life is gonna require a new you. Stronger you. - Viki Han #MOMENTWITHVIKI




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