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trust that all is happening the way it is supposed to.

Keep in mind that what/who you surround yourself with today influences the future you are building. Eliminate everything that keeps you confused or unsure. Your intuition always knows what’s up. Situations ending? let them. People leaving? let them. Things changing? adjust and adapt. A lot of the times, things won’t even make sense the way they transpire or fall apart and you will feel crazy. Trust that you are protected and every time something doesn’t work out, see it as a blessing in disguise. There is no such thing as rejection, only a RE-direction. The dots will always connect at the end, you just gotta keep going. Shit gotta happen so a shift can happen. In the midst of it all, you are growing. Trust the Universe.. it’s working in your favor. Make room for positive things to come in for you—-blossoming opportunities that are going to take you where you wanna be. And this is why you gotta let the confused energy GO. Say yes to things that say yes to YOU. Set standards for yourself before allowing things in your life and make sure you honor and abide by them. You aren’t just for what you like and what you think you want. Bigger things await you and you don’t even know it. Don’t be afraid to talk to the Universe. Ask for signs.... and believe what shows up. - Viki Han #MOMENTWITHVIKI @momentwithviki


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