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Why you must be honest about who and where you are today.

When you meet someone, keep it honest from the very beginning. Be honest about who you are, and where you are at in your life today. Illusions are easy to create and even maintain, but real is rare. But when you are real, you know when it’s real. A lot of these people are living in their own projection and deception. Don’t be one of those people. Be open. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Vulnerability attracts authentic connections. That starts with you being honest with yourself first. You must be comfortable with accepting yourself as a whole, who you are today: a masterpiece and work in progress at the same time. Be honest about your flaws. Your shortcomings. Your imperfections. Denial only creates walls. The wall between you and yourself. Dishonesty creates resistance. Resistance to elevation. Who are you living for? And what are you living for? Hopefully the answer is yourself. This does not mean you are selfish or that you only think for yourself. This simply means you are committed to becoming the absolute best version of yourself. And that you are willing to trust God to show you the ways; you are willing to let go of things that no longer resonate with your home frequency (frequency of your soul) Your number one goal has to be your inner work and alignment. Otherwise you will continue to attract distractions that will keep you from you getting closer to yourself; to God, the Source. That’s how you get stuck in one place. When you are focused on yourself, At the end, you shall meet and maintain those that are meant for you. The ones that are meant to stay in your life WILL. They will follow you through your elevation, not because you want them to, But because they are ALSO authentically elevating in their own journey. So face yourself today. Be honest with yourself about where your focus has been. Shift the gear again back to yourself. Set your intentions. Trust in the frequency. Vibrate Higher. The rest will come as a result of your alignment. - Viki Han #MOMENTWITHVIKI



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